The term CHRYZODE comes from CHRYZOS and ZOIDE which means a golden writing on a circle. The expressed language is the language of our arithmetic operations (science of numbers, from greek arithmos: Number). Addition, multiplication, division, power, all of them invite us to fabulous discoveries. Instead of abrupt austerity of numerals that discourages many people, we discover a barely explored world which is the qualitative one.Let's think about our ways of knowledge:
    - Learning by scepticism or destruction of the subject (there's no lack of examples...), fatally drags us to our own destruction.
    - If we wish for our posterity a life worthy of the name, we must prospect a knowdledge by harmony.
Moreover, the rights of chryzodes belong to knowledge.

    However, to permit freedom to the research group who make discoveries, and because this one is worried about rowmaterial in the Third-world, the authors propose : 

    • Free use of chryzodes for all non-commercial using. Educational institutions are encouraged to reproduce and distribute these materials for educational use as long as credit and notification are provided. Please retain the copyright notice and this statement with any copies that you make, and send notification of their use to the authors.

    • Any commercial using of the chryzodes (pictures, concept in one part or completely), will be subject to the rules of copyright. So, commercial use of these materials is prohibited without prior written permission..

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